POETICS OF THE LETTER Exhibition – 2013
FEBRABAN – Brazilian Federation of Banks Institute – São Paulo
Curator: Nathalie Nery

Proposing the POETICS OF THE LETTER as the inaugural exhibition of FEBRABAN’s Gallery points out some affinities between the Institute’s pedagogy and the artist’s research.

Helena Trindade’s poetics steams both from her Philosophy, Psychoanalysis and Conceptual Art studies, as well as from her appreciation for Literature, Poetry and Drama. Her poetics flows into Fine Arts as Visual Poetry which potently inscribes itself in the architectural and symbolic space of Brazilian and international institutions where the artist is invited to develop her site specific installations.

Approaching art and knowledge is to recognize an original impulse to mutation, which promotes the construction and deconstruction of the world all the time. It recognizes in both a natural vocation for freedom, that is, before anything else, a call for new mental associations.

A letter, as the minimal and indivisible part of a text is pure connection. Its articulation reaches no limits, except at the very moment of creation, fleeting moment of stability. It is a mode of operation that multiplies infinitely, creates things, produces knowledge, literature, misunderstandings and treaties.

In her language games, typographic poetry and visual puns, Trindade weaves discourse with objects, thereby emphasizing the materiality of words.

The mode of operation of the machine is the machine itself.
Such metalinguistic approach emphasizes a singular irony that often produces a silent laughter, thanks to the complicity with the work of the artist. Sensitive, her work witnesses the precariousness of human nature but generously recognizes that this is the condition of which all creation is made possible.

Nathalie Nery

FEBRABAN – Brazilian Federation of Banks Institute – São Paulo