Lives and works in Rio de Janeiro.

    1984 – Graduated in Architecture at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ
    1991 to 1997 – Advanced artistic training in Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Theory and History of Art at Parque Lage School of Visual Arts – Rio de Janeiro
    1993 – New York City Courses:
    Contemporary Art at NYU; Contemporary Art at SVA; Ideas in Art at SVA and Monoprint and Etching Techniques at Art Students League
    2003 – MFA in Visual Languages at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ
    2006 – Post graduated in Art and Philosophy at PUC – Rio
    2007 – University extension on Art and Psychoanalysis at UFRJ
    University extension on Arthur Danto’s Philosophy of Art at PUC – Rio
    2008 – Post graduate studies in Ancient Philosophy at PUC – Rio

    Helena’s work covers multiple artistic fields including installations, video, photography, drawing, engraving, visual poetry, sound art and site-specific projects.
    Since 1994, she has been exhibiting her work in Brazil and abroad.
    Her work identifies with the strong Brazilian tradition on Visual Poetry. It concentrates on the materiality of writing, on the tension between the enunciable and the visible.
    Maybe for this reason, Helena has also been working with theater recently. She developed the videos and the visual identity of Ana Kfouri’s Beckett Project: the plays First Love and Moi Lui, inspired in Molloy.
    Since 1994, Helena has been invited to develop her site-specific projects in some of the most prestigious Brazilian cultural institutions:

2018 Instituto Tomie Ohtake | São Paulo
> A LETRA É A TRAÇA DA LETRA | curator Glória Ferreira
Paço Imperial | Rio de Janeiro
> A LETRA É A TRAÇA DA LETRA | curator Glória Ferreira
2017 Centro de Arte Helio Oiticica | Rio de Janeiro
> Exposição Individual DOMÍNIO LACUNAR | curator Glória Ferreira
2012/13 THEATER – Beckett’s Project:
Videos and Visual Identity of the play FIRST LOVE
and Visual Identity of the play MOI LUI
2012 – POÉTICA DA LETRA (Poetics of the Letter)- FEBRABAN’s Educational Institute – São Paulo
2011 – LETRA (Letter)- Oi Futuro Art and Technology Center – Rio de Janeiro
SENHORA DOS AFOGADOS- Visual identity of Nelson Rodrigues play
2008 – LIVROS (Books) – Oduvaldo V. Filho Cultural Center (1918 ecletic style castle, originally designed for residential use) – Rio de Janeiro
2005 – ABOUT THE GAZE – Oi Futuro Art and Technology Center (combination of 1918 and high-tech architecture building) – Rio de Janeiro
2003 – MINE FIELD – Paço Imperial (Imperial Court, former residence of the Royal Family – XVIII century building) – Rio de Janeiro
2002 – VISUAL LANGUAGES – FUNARTE (National Endowment for the Arts, former Ministry Hall – 1947 building designed by Oscar Niemeyer and Le Corbusier) – Rio
1997 – REPUBLICANDO – Republic Museum (Headquarters of the Brazilian Government for 63 years – XIX century building) – Rio de Janeiro
SOLO EXHIBITION PROGRAM 97 – São Paulo Cultural Center – SP
1996 – DRIP MUSIC – Mansion Grandjean de Montigny (XIX century building designed by Montigny himself, as the architect of the French Artistic Mission in Brazil commissioned by D. João VI) – Rio de Janeiro

In 1995, Helena Trindade, Cyriaco Lopes, Luiz Cavalheiros and Fabio Carvalho formed the A95 Artist Group for artistic research, discussions and collaborative works. They designed their own exhibitions and curatorial strategies.

Helena also participates in group exhibitions:

2016-Fundição Progresso | FUNARTE | Rio de Janeiro
> Exposição PONTO TRANSIÇÃO | curator Luiza
Centro Cultural da Justiça Federal | Rio de Janeiro
> Exposição REMINISCÊNCIAS | curator Isabel Portella
Galeria de Arte Solar
Comunidade Pavão Pavãozinho | Rio de Janeiro
> Exposição ATRAVÉS DO ESPELHO | curator Isabel Portella
2015 -Festival SESC de Inverno 2015 | Nova Friburgo
2014 – PROJETO LACUNA – Galeria Alfinete – Brasília – DF
2013 – VIDEOARTE 2013 – Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações – Lisboa, Portugal
2012 – TRUTH OF THE MATTER – President’s Gallery at Jonh Jay College – City University of New York
– MULHERES (WOMEN) – SESC Bom Retiro – São Paulo
2010 – (SCENE) Metrospace East Lansing City Hall – MI
– SP ARTE Art Fair – São Paulo
2007 – LUSOVIDEOGRAFIA – Oi Futuro Art and Technology Center – Rio de Janeiro
2006 – VISUAL LANGUAGES – Helio Oiticica Art Center – Rio de Janeiro
– VIDEOLAB, University of Coimbra, Portugal.
2005 – ANNÉE DU BRÉSIL EN FRANCE – Colloque Brésil “Parfum Brûlé”- Journée Brésil Films et Vidéos – École d’Art d’Avignon – France
2004 – OFFICIAL PARALLEL SHOW – XXVI Bienal Internacional de São Paulo SP
2003 – PAMPULHA ART CONTEST – Pampulha Art Museum – Belo Horizonte MG
2002 – MINE FIELD – Sérgio Porto Cultural Center – Rio de Janeiro – Curated by A95 Artist Group
2001 – CITY/GALLERY Art and Urban Space – Espaço Cultural dos Correios – Rio
2000 – INICIATIVAS Brazilian Artist Groups Show – São Paulo Cultural Center – SP
1999 – SESC Exhibition Program – Galeria Paulista – São Paulo
A 95 – Cândido Mendes Cultural Center – Rio de Janeiro – Curated by A95 Artist Group
1998 – EXHIBITION PROGRAM 98 – Espaço Cultural dos Correios – Rio de Janeiro
1996 – FREE JAZZ FESTIVAL – Museum of Modern Art – Rio de Janeiro
1995 – APROFUNDAMENTO – Parque Lage School of Visual Arts – Rio de Janeiro – Curated by A95 Artist Group
1995 – NOVÍSSIMOS 95 – IBEU Brasil & US Institute – Rio de Janeiro
DRIP MUSIC – Laura Alvim Cultural Center – Rio de Janeiro
TRANSGRESSIVE ART – Piracicaba SP Brazil
ANO 3 / Nº13 – Parque Lage School of Visual Arts - Rio de Janeiro
1994 – ATRAVESSE – Pascoal Carlos Magno Cultural Center – Niterói RJ Brazil

Helena also contributed to:
DOCUMENTA XII MAGAZINE with the video ISSO (DAS ES) – Kasel Germany

ART RADIO, with the sound work PABLO 1.6 – University of Maryland

Agency of Unrealized Projects with Julieta Aranda and Hans Ulrich Obrist

    In 2009 Helena Trindade published “LIVROs” a book about her work.
  • “LIVROs” contains fully illustrated reviews of Helena’s works by critics, artists and a psychoanalyst. “LIVROs” includes a collaborative photographic essay she developed with the artist and filmmaker Neville D’Almeida and presents an interview that Helena gave to the art critic and independent curator Gloria Ferreira. Rio de Janeiro, RJ: Contra Capa, 2009.

  • ENTREFALAS / [interviews by] Glória Ferreira; Porto Alegre, RS: Zouk, 2011. Art Collection: essays and documents.

  • POESIA VISUAL (Visual Poetry) / org. Alberto Saraiva; Rio de Janeiro, RJ: F10 Editora, 2013. Oi Futuro’s Art and Technology Collection.

  • SANTA ART MAGAZINE – pg 80 a 83


  • DAS ARTES MAGAZINE - pg 14 a 22


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil