The IN-OUTDOORS Project starts with photos of blank billboards.The absence of images on the blank billboard reveals its surroundings, its context.
The IN-OUTDOOR Project consists of reintroducing the photo of the blank billboard
in the very same billboard. A sort of visual stutter takes place.

Let’s see another example: the previously blank billboard is on the top of a building close to a famous bakery. The IN-OUTDOORS Project would reintroduce this photo, based on the logo of the bakery (a crown) and the subtle flagrant of a man’s head next to it.

There are many other possibilities, depending on the urban characteristics of each city.
It is a matter of taking chances and realizing the opportunities, as the example that follows:
In Rio de Janeiro there is a two-way highway that bridges the south zone of the city to Barra da Tijuca, the newest district of the city. However, as other zones in Rio de Janeiro, patent social contrasts show up.
In this case, the snapshot of the previously blank billboard caught when entering Barra da Tijuca is reinserted into the billboard that is seen when one leaves this district, and vice versa. The result is that the context of a billboard mirrors luxurious homes, while the context of the other one mirrors much more modest constructions.
In this case the IN-OUTDOORS Project emphasizes a situation that otherwise could pass through unnoticed.
Caught in this reflexive game, the viewer can experience a transient illusion, a feeling of delay characteristic of the experience of a déja vu.