The Letter is the Bookworm of the Letter
(A Letra é a Traça da Letra)

There is great advantage in experimenting with an individual exhibit, in which a multiplicity of works weave a texture of signs of variable formats and meanings, though intimately connected. With the curatorship of Glória Ferreira, our long-term collaborator, Helena Trindade’s exhibit “A letra é a traça da letra” is such an opportunity. The exhibit shows highlights of the Riode Janeiro artist and architect’s work over the two last decades, from bidimensional work such as photographs and drawings, to installations, sculptures and small objects.

It is impossible not to point out the importance of the letter, unit of the alphabet and raw material in the construction of words. In these works, the potentialities of languages are measures and countermeasures with their limits and frontiers. Often what most attracts the eye and the thoughts is that which is not so easy to read or interpret. The art itself, the philosophy and its authors act as passages, references and indications of Helena Trindade’s way of doing things. Thus, poetry and visual arts find other forms of expression and thought.

The Tomie Ohtake Institute celebrates the opportunity to host this tapestry of experiments with languages, which follows our policy of being constantly open to contemporary production and to the mix of fields of knowledge and cultural production. We would therefore like to register here our gratitude to the artist and to the curator who accompanied her in this proposition.

Instituto Tomie Ohtake
São Paulo, July 2018